How To Train Your Dog

We ask our canine athletes to climb ramps, go over jumps, through tunnels and weave poles so it is important that we get them into the best physical shape they can be! Being in good physical shape helps to prevent injuries and improves performance.

In the seminar you will learn exercises that will strengthen core, front and rear leg muscles which can improve speed and accuracy in weave poles, improve jumping skills and improve speed and accuracy on contacts as well as overall ground speed between obstacles and ability to turn tightly.

At this seminar you will receive an analysis of your dog’s structure and gait and help determining what exercises would benefit your dog the most.

Lin has been training dogs for 40 years in the areas of obedience, field, agility, and tracking. Lin has titled many dogs over the years: 4 obedience/utility, 1 tracking, 2 master hunter, 3 senior hunter, and 1 master agility. Lin is also a hunt test judge for the AKC. Lin has been involved in the equine world since the age of 10.

Lin has shown hunters and jumpers, and dressage to second level. Lin currently owns two horses and ride and drive.

In addition to her equine practice for massage and rehab, Lin also teaches canine conditioning courses, and consults and evaluates performance dogs at ABCTC (Ann Braue’s Canine Training Center) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Lin is a consultant for veterinarians and the Ferno Company, an underwater treadmill company and distributor of therapeutic ultra sound and laser

Lin has a Bachelor of Science in health and education, Lin is a Certified Veterinary Technician and a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, and Lin was the first Veterinary Technician Practitioner licensed in the state of Minnesota through the MVMA (Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association).

During her 30-year career at the University of Minnesota, Lin has worked with equine lameness, surgery, and rehab. Lin has lectured and trained many veterinary students in the areas of canine and equine gait analysis, radiology, surgical Technique, animal handling, rehab, and conditioning.

Lin continues to be a guest lecturer in the Integrative Medicine courses at the University of Minnesota VMC. Lin became certified as a Canine Rehab Practitioner, and developed the University’s Veterinary Medical Center Canine Rehab facility.